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  • Modest Activity Fights Obesity A report in the January 12, 2004 issue of the Archive of Internal Medicine along with the January 12, 2004 article on the Web MD web site, noted that "Walking 30 Minutes a Day Keeps Extra Pounds Away Without Die...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • Moms Who Breast-Feed Reduce Their Childs Asthma Risk Reuters Health of July 31, 2002 posted an article reporting on the results of a study conducted at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Perth Australia. In the study researchers s...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • Money Can't Buy Health or a Longer Life The World Health Organization, (WHO) released figures on health and life expectancy as reported by Reuters on June 4 2000. In this release the United States was shown to be the biggest spender at around ...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • More Americans See Non-Medical Care as Cost Saver The above headline comes from a feature article in the January 6, 2005 issue of Investors Business Daily. The article starts off by stating that many consumers traditionally used non-medical forms ...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • More Americans Seek Non-Medical- CAM A series of stories appearing on May 28, 2004 through PRNewswire and other news outlets reported on a study released the day before by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). The...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • More Americans Take Prescription Drugs According to a report, "Health, United States 2004," from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more Americans are taking prescription drugs than ever. Just a decade ago the report noted t...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • More Animals Getting Chiropractic Care Several recent articles are beginning to note that more animals are getting chiropractic care. A February 26, 2003 article from the Iowa North Scott Press reports on a veterinarian Dr. Jill White who took spec...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • More Canadians Using Chiropractors From the March 16, 2005 CBC Health & Science News, comes a report on a study that shows that more Canadians are using Chiropractic than ever before. The study by the agency "Statistics Canada" (Stats...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • More Children Going to Chiropractors As more people are going to chiropractors studies in well-respected journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, as well as the popular press is beginning to pick up and report on this trend. Several N...
    Published 2/15/2011
  • More Children Going to Chiropractors 2 The June 6, 2002 issue of the Boston Globe reports on a phenomenon becoming more common, children under chiropractic care. The story states: "Chiropractors' offices, once filled with middle-aged cons...
    Published 2/15/2011


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